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New Registration Procedure

Swimming Natation Canada (SNC) and Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) implemented a new swimmer registration process.  In addition to the established RMSC registration procedure, swimmers must "self register" online with a web-based national registration system.  This national system is used by all swimmers in Canada whether they are age group or Masters.  The following steps must be completed by all swimmers joining RMSC.

NOTE:  There is a swimmer/parent help guide available for downloading on the Swim Sask website at:

1. Complete the hard copy registration form that was previously emailed out, and send it along with the signed PIPEDA form and appropriate registration fee to Diane Szabo.

2. Upon receipt of this information, Diane will set up an account for you in the national registration system.  (Note:  Accounts will be set up on a family basis, i.e., all swimmers in the same family will be on a single account.) 

3. Once the account is set up, the system will send you an auto-generated email.  The email will come from 

Please ensure that you add this email address to your spam filters as an allowable sender and also watch your junk/spam box.  This auto-generated email will provide you with the link to the national registration system and allow you to complete your registration online.

4. Steps 1 to 3 of the online registration process involve inputting your personal information, adding an optional secondary (e.g., emergency) contact, and setting up a username and password. 

5. In Step 4, you will be asked to enter your nine-digit number.  Please be advised that you do not have a nine-digit number -- the system will need to create one for you.  (Note:  Your existing Swim Sask registration number is no longer applicable.  The new registration number that will be created online is the one that must be included on Masters meet entry forms in future.)  Every Masters registration will be treated as a new member so please complete the fields for your first name, last name, date of birth, and gender.  

After entering the preceding data, DO NOT CLICK THE RED SUBMIT BUTTON.  Scroll down and answer the next six questions on disability, aboriginal status, medical issues, etc.  If you wish to receive info from SNC and/or its sponsors, tick the appropriate box.  If you have more than one swimmer on your family account, click on "ADD ANOTHER SWIMMER" and repeat the above process.  After entering all swimmer data, select "Done" at the very bottom on the right-hand side of the page.

6. Step 5 is the actual registration.  Click on the dot beside "New" and then on "Register selected swimmer".  Then indicate that you want to register as a Masters . 

You will then be asked to identify the province you are in.  Once you put in "Saskatchewan", a drop down list of Saskatchewan Masters Clubs will appear.  Click on "Regina Masters Swim Club" and then select "Submit registration".  (Note:  In future years, swimmers wishing to register will skip to Step 5 as the initial set-up will already have been done.)

Once you have completed and submitted the registration online, Diane will be notified and she will accept your registration.  (Note:  Your online registration will not be accepted until your completed RMSC registration and PIPEDA forms, and fee payment, have been received by Diane.)

The applicable registration fees will be sent to Swim Sask.  Upon their receipt, you will receive another auto-generated email from indicating that your registration has been approved, and providing you with your new nine-digit registration number.

Please submit your forms and fee payment to Diane.

If you have any questions, give Diane a call at 789-6659.

You may also contact Marj Walton at work (780-9238) or home (543-2334).